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Embrace Menopause: The Natural Way

Hot flushes? Fatigue? Belly fat? Mood swings? Exhaustion?

There is no need for you to suffer for the next 10 years!

With this downloadable book, we deliver healthy evidence-based strategies to help you manage and reduce symptoms and implement healthy practices into your daily life. 

Feel empowered with this next phase of you life!

This book is for women at any stage in their menopause journey who want to take a holistic approach to reduce, manage and even eliminate their menopause symptoms. With practical steps to end discomfort and suffering in this season of ageing, this book will equip you with all you need to know to embrace menopause with grace and joy! 

  • An e-book citing strategies to embrace menopause the natural way. Learn the reasons behind your symptoms: Weight Gain, Hormone Imbalance, Nutrition, Stress, Adrenals, Body Clock, Health, Supplements, Blood Testing, Holistic Remedies and specific exercise for hormone health. Management of stress, sleep, nutrition and exercise
  • Size37.6 MB
  • Length39 pages


Embrace Menopause: The Natural Way

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